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Spotty Shed is the home of inspiring and creative Toys and Games for children  and Home Accessories for everyone, where each sale contributes to either donating toys for children in need or making our toys available for them to play as 5% of profit amount will be allocated for this mission.

Spotty Shed is a family-run business that explores family needs and brings customers a wide range of innovative and high quality products through our  online shop and our partner platforms.

We are focused on toys that help child development and positive learning . And we offer Inspiring Home Accessories as well.More items are to come as we expand our business into new categories to connect with more customers.

Social responsibility is important to us at Spotty Shed.We believe that every child has the right to play, so we donate toys and games to disadvantaged children and in the future plan to create fun, safe areas for children to play.

Our Vision:

  • Bringing joy and satisfaction to customers in a socially responsible way.
  • We are focused on bringing high quality products to our customers whilst maximising long-term economic, social and environmental value.
  • We are starting with inspiring, responsible toys and games for families, and home accessories but have plans to expand into more categories in future.
Our beliefs: 
    • Child Development and Positive Education are very important.
    • Blending academic learning with character & well-being will help kids love to learn.
    • Every child has the right to learn through playing.
    • Motivating a life-long love of learning is a key for personal success.
    • Quality products like home accessories will offer safe and healthy environment to everyone.

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